Do You Qualify for FREE Advice and Support?

You may be entitled to FREE advice and seminars under one of our funded Business Support Programmes:

  • If you are resident in Africa the first 1 hour advice session is FREE

  • If you are a woman looking to start a business in West Africa – you can apply for intensive help and support with the Inspiring Women Programme

  • If you are a woman running an early stage business from any region in Ghana, you may be eligible for 12 hours of free advice, seminars and support to grow your business under our Inspiring Women Business Growth Programme

  • If you are interested in applying for a Start Up Loan – Start Up loan advice sessions are FREE of charge to residents of any region in Ghana. 

If you are not eligible for free advice under one of our programmes, the cost for a 1 hour advice session is £48 inc. VAT.  However, if you register with our iBusiness Hub you can get one advice session a month as part of the Hub package which includes a range of services such as: hot-desking, a mailing address, a weekly networking and support group, discounts on room hire and promotional opportunities.

To Book Your Session or Find Out about Business Support Programmes

Call 0307 00 1067 – 9, or if you would like us to call you please email